The Bank Holidays 2014, why not celebrate the Bank Holidays 2014 with a trip away, see some sights, enjoy some football, just make sure you can relax during each of the Bank Holidays 2014.

The first Bank Holiday of 2014 is the New Years Bank Holidays as always, why not plan early what you want to do in the UK, there is loads to do here and a trip to the capital should be high up on the list

The next UK holiday of 2014 is Good Friday 2014

Good Friday

Good Friday 2014

New Years Day

With 2013 coming to a close now is a perfect time to start planning that New Years Eve and New Years day celebrations.  Why not start the first Bank Holidays  by a nice trip to the the the big city of London, there is plenty to do do there. Every year Trafalgar Square hosts  most amazing fireworks display on new years eve to celebrate the new year.  You could always try up north and attend  the Hogmanay Street Party, Dornoch, Sutherland. Apparently they love a good street party  in Dornoch, way up in icy cold Sutherland.. This is a family event, the Hogmanay Street Party gets going at 10.30pm in the town square with a ceilidh band, a pipe band and plenty of food and drink, followed by fireworks at midnight. The cathedral, castle and courthouse are lit up providing a stunning site, and the new year is introduced  in by a lone piper on the castle battlements. This would be a perfect way to celebrate the first Bank Holidays 2014 for you and all the family.



Good Friday

Why not celebrate this special Easter Holiday 2014 with a weekend away, there is some amazing countryside here in the UK. You can experience during the Easter Holidays 2014 in so many amazing places. For ideas on places to go click the ideas link at the top of the page. good Friday is an excellent time to start a holiday as it is the first of the bank holidays 2014. it leads to an extremely long weekend as it’s followed by Easter Monday which is the second of the bank holiday 2014. 

Easter Bank Holidays 2014

Why not go on a famous Easter egg hunt and let the family experience the magic of Easter. This is a great Bank Holiday in the UK and there is so many beautiful places to spend it. kids love this Bank Holidays as they enjoy so many  Easter eggs and chocolate.

May and Spring Bank Holidays 2014

The beach is a wonderful place to be during the May Bank Holidays, head for the coast and you can’t go wrong.  This is mostly enjoyed by children this Bank holiday is celebrated  by going to local parks and swimming pools why not travel to the Cardiff international swimming pool in Wales.  If a swim in the english capital is mor appealing head to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Summer Bank Holidays 2014

This is a fantastic time for the UK, generally bathed in sunshine during this time of year, there is no better time to celebrate this Bank Holiday 2014 by taking a long bike ride in the countryside.  Another good way of celebrating this perfect time of the year is to take the children  for a nice day out as a family to a forest or mountain range for a nice long walk.  Visit the RSPB website for a long list of amazing  scenic sites that are dotted around the country.


What can we say about this traditional Bank Holiday, easily the our favorite of the Bank Holidays 2014, it wouldn’t be right to not celebrate this wonderful holiday. Get the kids to bed early ready for the famous St Nicholas (Father Christmas) to dish out those gifts. why not enjoy Christmas with a nice big Christmas dinner with all the family and pull some Christmas crackers.  Christmas is a very special and busy event as all the family get together. One thing about Christmas is that it is a time for sharing and helping others why not spend some time at a local shelter and help the less fortunate people of our nation.

 Boxing Day

A great day out for this day is a day at the football, sample the famous atmosphere of English football. Traditionally football is played on a Bank Holiday and can add to a great Bank Holiday weekend. people celebrate boxing day with a couple of drinks or a big party to wined down from the big Christmas celebrations. everyone loves boxing day as there are loads of things to do like going drinking or going out as a family.